Jade Beifong

Lost, earth-bending child raised by armordillo-wolves and other wild animals.


STR: D10
VIT: D12 + D2
ALR: D12 + D2


Animal Handling: D6
-Feral Animals: D12
Athletics: D6
-Running on All Fours: D10
-Climbing: D8
-Dodge: D8
Covert: D6
Perception: D6
-Sight: D10
-Smell: D10
-Sound: D10
Performance: D6
-Mimicry: D8
Survival: D6
-Wilderness: D10
Unarmed Combat: D6
-Brawling: D10
Earth Bending: D6
-Metal Bending: D10
-Mud Bending: D10

FREAK! (Major):
She has fangs and claws from the intense amount of untrained earth bending she has used and infused on herself. It has created deposits in her fingernails and some of her teeth. Also, due to living in the wild most of her life, Jade has scars from fighting with animals, being attacked by humans, and the other difficulties and injuries that come from living in the wilderness from the age of 2.
Due to being lost at the age of 2, Jade received no formal educational training.
YOUNGIN! (Major):
She’s only 14, so she qualifies for the Youngin’ complication.
FILCHER (Major):
If it’s shiny, and she can lift it (whether by her own strength or bending), she will take it. It’s not rare for visitors in the Zoo on the outskirts of Ba Singh Se to leave with holes in their pockets and empty of coins.
Because money is not important to Jade unless it’s metal and shiny, she tends to drop a lot of the money she does attain.
Because she acts and has lived as an animal, she is constantly checking her surroundings and doesn’t generally spend a lot of time focusing on tasks that don’t involve danger.
Living in the wild for 12 years and trying to hide your smell with dirt, mud, and other ground detriment causes one to smell a bit rancid.

HIDY-HOLE (Minor):
Every pack has a den and her’s is no different… except that it’s underground.
Some people use bending as a fighting style, others use it as an art form, most as a way of making money, not many use it as a way to survive. Being forced to bend from a young age to help protect herself, it caused her to have exponential growth in the skill.
Living in the wild causes you to build a thick hide, literally.
Some of Toph’s descendants who are gifted inherited the ability to sense the vibrations in the ground to make a mental map of their surroundings.
Fighting everyday makes you learn a thing or two about how to handle yourself in dangerous situations.


1. My characters name is Jade Beifong. She was given this name because she is a child of Earth Bending parents, it is a stone used widely in her hometown, and it is the color of her eyes, the same color that is common place in the Earth Kingdom.

2. My character has wild, dirty, muddy, dreaded, knotted, gnarled hair that is constantly caked in mud. She has fangs and claws from the intense amount of untrained earth bending she has used and infused on herself. It has created deposits in her fingernails and some of her teeth. Also, due to living in the wild most of her life, Jade has scars from fighting with animals, being attacked by humans, and the other difficulties and injuries that come from living in the wilderness from the age of 2. And she usually dons armor in the shape of a wolf created by rocks. Aside from looking like a monster, she has jade colored eyes, black hair, and soft features. Resembles Toph greatly.

3. I barely dress and don’t talk. I am the definition of a back-birth by this point. I do not trust humans in general and the few that have gotten me to trust them, it took a long time to build that trust.

4. I am completely uncivilized. Pretty sure that’s a big quirk.

5. If I’m in my armor, I usually come off as pretty scary. If I’m not, people don’t really know what to think of me at first until I do something. I usually copy what other people do if I’m caught in those situations.

6. Iiiiiiiiiin West Festondelphia born and raised, in the forest is where I spent most of my days. Family got killed by a bunch of fools, later I was looking for some fish inside of a pool, when some Bengal Bears, they were up to no good, try to stomp me like a little piece of brittle wood. Got into a few major fights while my mom was there, she gave her life to save me from the group of Bengal Bears. The sun did rise and the day became clear, her body was laying still next to a deer. (I’ll finish this later)

7. My best quality as a person is my loyalty. My worst quality is my over-protectiveness.

8. My personality in two words: Wild Child.

9. My favorite things are meat, metal, and earth. My least favorite things are fire, Bengal Bears, and being trapped or away from the forest for too long.

10. My nemesis is The Beast. My allies are any creatures that are willing to fight alongside me.

11. I have no romantic life.

12. I have recurring nightmares about the bandits that slaughtered my family, but I have no idea what it means.

13. I have no one to look up to.

14. I don’t think there is something that would make me betray my friends or crew mates.The

15. The principle that matters most to me is taking care of my family.

16. My most treasured possession is the necklace I’ve had for as long as I can remember.

17. I value my life most of anything else in the ’Verse.

18. I don’t really have goals in my life aside from living through the day and sleeping safely through the night.

19. I picture myself having defeated The Beast and having a much larger family in 20 years.

20. I have never worked a day in my life. Aside from having to hunt to live.

21. I have no political beliefs. My religious beliefs are hard to explain and don’t follow any of the major or minor religions known in the world.

22. I have no opinion on the current state of the avatar.

23. I pass the time by playing with the other armadillo wolves and coordinating ambushes of traveling salesmen.

24. I felt pretty proud of myself when I escaped from the hunter.

25. The last few months I have been fighting pretty constantly with the Bengal Bears.

26. The piece of advice I would give my character would be to learn how to speak, but don’t necessarily let anyone know.

Name: Hwoarang Beifong
Nationality/Ethnicity: Earth Bender
Home world: Feston
Profession: Captain of the Guard
Quirks or Personality: Prankster/Focused
Last Seen: Leading a troop of soldiers to Bah Singh Se
Background Connection: Older brother, when I traveled to Bah Singh Se with my family, he threw a tantrum because he “Didn’t want to see a stupid Kabuki show.” Almost my entire family was slaughtered that night, except him and a few other relatives.
Notes: He always wears his armor, except for when on leave and has a scar on his face given to him by a Water Bender in a fight.

Name: Splinter
Nationality/Ethnicity: Rat-Monkey
Home World: Bah Singh Se Wildlife Preserve
Profession: Martial Ratist
Quirk or Personality: Very old, very wise
Last Seen: In the forest, training turtles
Connection Background: As a small child, Splinter saw my fighting potential and even though I was being raised by wolves, he risked his own life so that he could train me in the ways of fighting in hopes that I would protect him.
Notes: Trained in the art of Karate by Oroku Saki, leader of the bandit group “Clan Heavy Foot”.

Name: Terra Hidekazu
Nationality/Ethnicity: Earth Bender
Home World: Feston
Profession: Head of The Legendary Rock Wolf fan club
Quirk or Personality: Obsessive child with a wild imagination
Last Seen: 3 months ago
Connection Background: When Terra was much younger, she was playing hide and go seek with her friends in the woods. Terra thought she was hiding behind a pile of rocks, but it actually turned out to be me, sleeping under my armor. I slowly rose to wolf form and scared her senseless.
Notes: 12 year old female, tomboy. Daughter of the great bare knuckle fighter, Jin “Iron Fist” Hidekazu. Willing to risk life and limb to get closer to the Legendary Rock Wolf.

Name: Lee Sin
Nationality/Ethnicity: Earth Bender
Home World: Bah Singh Se
Profession: Wandering Blind Monk
Quirk or Personality: Young, brash, and angry
Last Seen: 2 years ago
Connection Background: While wandering around the forests outside of Bah Singh Se, he was surrounded by my pack of wolves. He immediately sat down, began to unfold his pack, and prepared to have his lunch. I slowly approached him and as I growled to try and scare him off, he spoke to me in a soft tone and offered me some meat.
Notes: Whenever he roams through my forest, I find him and we train together. He taught me how to mud bend and helped me hone my metal bending skills. He is also on a quest to find the fire bender that blinded him.

Name: The Knowledge Seeker
Nationality/Ethnicity: Spirit Animal for the Library of Knowledge
Home World: The Spirit Realm
Profession: Seeker of Knowledge
Quirk or Personality: Not much of a personality, more of a drone
Last Seen: One month ago
Connection Background: While traveling across the continent in search of a better source of food, I encountered a black fox creature. At first, I prepared to be attacked, but the wolf spoke to me. Not like humans do, but directly into my head. And I understood it so clearly, it was all very strange.
Notes: Often avoids humans, but makes an exception for me because I’m not a typical human and it wants to learn more about me. I do not realize that there is more than one because they all look and smell exactly the same.

Name: Kemane
Nationality/Ethnicity: Non-Bender
Home World: Island of Kyoshi
Profession: Hunting and Tracking
Quirk or Personality: Never give up, never surrender
Last Seen: 3 years ago
Connection Background: At some point, the local village hired a hunter to track me down and bring me back alive. She tracked me for 3 months straight and actually caught me in the end, but did not realize I was an earth bender and I was able to escape. Since then, she has held much respect for me.
Notes: Very focused and patient. Uses many different traps and techniques to try and trap me. Has not been as successful as the first attempt, but each time she gets closer.

Name: The Zookeeper
Nationality/Ethnicity: Earth Bender
Home World: Bah Singh Se
Profession: Keeping of the Zoo
Quirk or Personality: Insane
Last Seen: Bah Singh Se wildlife preserve
Connection Background: I have broken many of the animals out of the cages at the Bah Singh Se wildlife preserve and The Zookeeper has made it his duty to stop me at any cost.

Name: The Shopkeeper
Nationality/Ethnicity: Air Bender
Home World: Bah Singh Se
Profession: Keeping of the Shop
Quirk or Personality: Hyper OCD about cleanliness
Last Seen: Carting wares from Bah Singh Se to Feston
Connection Background: Many times I have used my animal brethren to distract him while I stole food and other goods from his cart. He almost caught me once, but I made myself too heavy for him to lift with Air Bending.
Notes: Constantly trying to devise new ways to keep his wares safe from the wolves that harass and steal his goods, but continues to fail over and over.

Name: The Beast
Nationality/Ethnicity: Bengal Bear
Home World: The Forest
Profession: Trying to kill me
Quirk or Personality: Many scars from many battles
Last Seen: Near the river, fishing
Connection Background: We met one dark night in the forest. He attacked me the moment he saw me and was relentless. He intended to kill me, I could tell by the look in his eyes. My mother wolf attacked him and fought him off while I got away to safety. The next day I returned to find her corpse. I will get my vengeance.
Notes: Leader of a pack of Bengal Bears that roam the country, The Beast stands out from the rest of the due to his huge size and gray coat. Lets out a howl before hunting.

Jade Beifong

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