Jukeum Namu

45 yo male Waterbender from the Foggy Swamp Tribe.


Strength 10
Agility 12
Vitality 10
Alertness 12
Intelligence 6
Willpower 12

Derived Traits

Life Points v+w 22
Initiative a+a 24
Endurance v+w 22
Resistance v+v 20

Skills and Specialties

Animal Handling d6 / Animal Training d12

Medical Expertise d6

Athletics d6 / Swimming d12

Perception d6 / Read Lips d8

Influence d6 / Diplomacy d12

Survival d6 / Aquatic survival d12 / Land Survival d10

Waterbending d6 / Bloodbending d12 / Plantbending d10 / Waterhealing d10


  1. Blades are Weapons for Death (m) your peaceful philosophy that bladed weapons are dangerous guides you to choose a “safer”, less lethal, but still just as useful route, the route of blunt weapons. You take a -4d to any actions using the blade of a weapon.
  2. Spirit walker (M): sometimes you see this world when you wake, sometimes its the spirit world. Sometimes its even just the spirits themselves. As a major trait you are constantly a child of both worlds, seeing the spirit world and the material world as it truly is… one.
  3. Conditional Programming (M) You’ve been programmed, whether through boot camp or brainwashing, to act a certain way.
    Penalty: You have ingrained responses to certain things, stimuli you have great difficulty
    controlling—if you can at all. It is entirely possible that you don’t even fight the conditioned
    responses. As a Minor Trait, you have a limited range of things which you are conditioned to do as a
    reflex or consistent response: go for the kill in a fight, even if you’ve already won, always listen to
    what a man dressed a certain way tells you, always report seditious activity, etc. These aren’t
    impulses you can easily control, nor are they trivial; they were conditioned into you to be obeyed, and
    it will be almost impossible to resist. The first time you try to resist a given response, you must make
    a Ridiculous Willpower + Discipline/Concentration roll. If you succeed, you can resist, and attempts
    in the future are only of Heroic difficulty. However, if you fail, you need to make the same roll again
    next time, and you can’t even hope to resist in that moment. Even this Minor Trait level can be
    devastating, leading to a character killing or causing the death of a companion; it should not be taken
    lightly, and should only be allowed in certain circumstances.
    At the Major level, the Minor penalty applies, but the character is also programmed with
    certain code words or phrases—which are generally nonsense, to prevent accidental activation, and
    which can be heard or seen to be used. What the code words are and what they do is up to the GM;
    the player/character will never find out, because when they are activated, their normal personality is
    completely subsumed by the coded response. The compulsions caused by programmed codes (be they
    ‘safe words’ that knock them out, or commands to kill everyone) can only be fought by making an
    Impossible Willpower + Discipline/Concentration roll for the initial attempt; if they fail, they must
    make the same roll again, next time. If they succeed, the difficulty for future rolls is Ridiculous, and
    this time (and each time they succeed), they are overwhelmed with confusion as their conscious mind
    fights the programming, and they are debilitated and unable to act for 3d6 rounds, during which time
    they either collapse and mumble to themselves or fall unconscious. This level of Conditional
    Programming is extremely rare, since most organizations don’t have the know-how, the time, and the
    controlled, secret environment needed to do it. Only characters who may have been in the control of
    such an organization should have this Complication (and, of course, they won’t know about it).
  4. Deadly Enemy (m) Someone is out to get you. Your enemy is dangerous and poses a direct threat every 3 to 5 adventures. You will never be completely free of this complication until you buy it off – because someone is always going to try and recoup what you owe them.
  5. Traumatic Flashes (M) Once per session, some trigger will cause you to suffer a traumatic flash. these episodes leave you incoherent, shaking, and screaming -rending you incapable of action for d2 turns and causing you to suffer -2 step attribute penalty on all actions for ten minutes following the flash. As major this happens twice per session.
  6. Hard Water (M) As a major trait, -2 skill step to bending skill when trying to bend water in it liquid form
  7. Slippery as an Eel (M) -1 skill step to all skills related to social interactions with any non-water benders. As a major trait, -2 skill step to all skills related to any social interactions with any non-water benders


  1. Waterbending (Mstr) Upon Choosing this asset choose one of the four elements. At a Minor level you gain the ability to bend your chosen element and your skill in that element raises to a d2. At Major level your skill raises to a d6 and you gain one Minor bending asset. At Master level the skill raises to a d8 and you gain a Major bending asset. At the Avatar level your skill raises to 2d10s and your gain one Master bending asset. You may still spend character creation points to purchase more levels or new specialties in this skill as any other skill.
  2. Healing Hands (M) You gain a 2 step bonus to waterbending healing.
  3. White Lotus (Mstr)
  4. Nature Lover (m) You are in harmony with nature. Gain +2 step attribute bonus to all alertness based rolls while in an outdoor setting, along with equivalent bonus to a Survival-based skill die when applied to a natural environment.
  5. Steady Calm (M) You keep a clear head while all around you are losing theirs. Gain +2 step attribute bonus to willpower to avoid being shaken, frightened or startled. As a major trait, you are never rattled unless extreme or unusual circumstances apply.
  6. Athlete (m) Able to push your body past its normal limits, Pick one athletic specialty. (swimming) You may choose to exert yourself in the use of that skill. If you voluntarily suffer Stun damage, you gain an extra die roll as if you had spent an equal number of Plot Points. You may spend an equal number of points that would render you unconscious, but no more. As a major trait, any plot points (not Stun) spent on physical activities are improved as if you had spent 2 additional points.
  7. Pupil (M) you have a student who’s training in any skill is dependent on your guidance. Said student it paying 500 credits for each hour lesson. As a Master trait he joins you on your journeys but in return he pays extra, 50,000 credits a day. Diplomacy Bjorn 16year old Prince and his two giant dogs.


Fire Jelly 8" tall tin cans. When lit, the jelly burns at 550 degrees at a rate of 1/2" per hour; the can is largely heatproof, and putting the lid back on quickly snuffs the low-burning, smokeless flame. LC: 8. Avail: C3, F3, R3. Cost: 0.2 credits / $5. Weight 2 lbs. 20 × .2 = 4

Multiband It’s an all-in-one watch, digital compass, calculator, alarm, radio receiver, generic remote control, and voice memo. Unfortunately, multibands break easily. LC: 7. Avail: C3, F0, R0. Cost: 4.8 credits / $120. Weight negligible.
*Patch Tape 10 yards*

From the Questionnaire:

  • Jukeum Namu, nickname is Juke.
  • Juke is 45 years old but looks 55 or 60. Male with salt and pepper hair, medium length, kept long in front and worn brushed straight back. Short salt & pepper beard and mustache. Light or medium olive skin tone when not tanned, which is almost never, and dark blue eyes. 3" scar on right cheek. Large scared hands. 6’2" tall. There are several other scars from what seem like mortal wounds all over his body. Skin is leathery from repeated sun exposure.
  • His style is simple, plain looking clothes when he wears them. He does not wear clothes unless there are others around, just a simple Gi. When traveling he dresses not to be noticed but in well made Jack of the local style with ballistic mesh underneath. He is quiet and has a gentleman’s manner. He is kind and does not speak ill of others. He prefers animals to people. If forced into conflict, which he will try to avoid, he will attempt to diffuse the situation, and try talk everyone out of violent acts.
  • quirks? Juke does not practice violence.
  • When he makes an impression, which he tries to avoid doing, it is that of a peaceful, sad, lonely old man.
  • Juke is from the foggy swamp tribe, but he was not born there. He says he does not know where he was born, and he was raised as a ward of the tribe, or orphan. His rather strict upbringing meant that he worked very hard to please those that cared for him, and at their “request” he trained to be their bloodbending assassin. Much of his child hood can not be remembered. Juke has no family other than Dashen, the other orphan, who he called brother, which he lived with as a child.
  • Juke’s best quality is his kind and healing nature, his worst is the RAGE!
  • ?
  • favorite things include quiet, cooking, swimming, animals. Least favorite things include loud arrogant youth, and people who know his past.
  • See the 3×3
  • Juke’s Romantic life no longer exist. Juke would say love is dead. Juke fell in love and married a woman named Sarang, who he had been sent to kill. Juke found for once he could not do his job. He instead tried to hide Sarang’s existence, but she refused to move or stop being who she was. After trying for years, mostly unsuccessfully, to change Juke from his dark ways into a more peaceful man, Sarang sacrificed herself to save Juke from another assassin come to kill him for his transgressions and finish his botched job. After Sarang’s death Juke killed the assassin effortlessly and then took a vow to practice healing, peace, and celibacy for as long as he shall live.
  • Juke only fears fear, but has traumatic flashes.
  • Juke looks up to Sarang.
  • Juke simply could not be tempted to betray those who trust him, unless it was something like bringing back the dead or a chance to spend real time with Sarang. As in touch, see, speak with her. If Juke had an opportunity to show Sarang that he did change into the man she said he really was he MIGHT be tempted.
  • The principles of loyalty, trust, honor, integrity, and peace matter to Juke the most.
  • Juke has a small brass compass which appears broken as the needle seems to always have a new position for north, nevertheless it is his most valued possession.
  • Dashen Namu is Jukes orphan brother Juke values his love and friendship above all others.
  • Juke’s ambition is to become the best healer he can possible be. Juke wishes he could show his wife how right she was and that he did leave a life of violence behind. He has no romantic goals because he considers himself to me married.
  • Juke tries to live in the moment and not in the future, he has no thoughts about where he will be 20 years from now.
  • In the past Juke worked as an assassin for an elite political group, until 7 years ago that is all he had ever done.
  • Politically Juke is concerned about the absence of the avatar. Juke does not believe in a higher power outside of the avatar.
  • Juke has several hobbies, mostly he reads and trains animals, but also enjoys swimming and being out in the wilderness just exploring.
  • Juke is proud that he has turned away from killing, and ashamed that he was unable to save his wife from himself.
  • For the last few months Juke has been spending time cooking and reading schooling his pupil and trying to continue developing a relationship with the strange rock wolfdillo that roams the area.
  • If I could give Jukeum one piece of advice it would be, “Do not sweat the little things.”

3 × 3


Stana Caz
Female FireBender 28
From: Pelash, Fire Nation.
Stana has LOADS of money and tons of time. Family also has tons of money.
She is a professional Gossip and matchmaker. She currently lives in Bah Sing Se
Stana knew Juke from repeated interactions and visits, which initially began when he accompaied his wife Sarang to the city. Sarang often needed Juke to join her to carry boxes or other heavy things. Stana LOVES to gossip and make love matches…she is in fact very good at the matchmaking. Juke last saw Stana to buy info about the state of politics in Bah Sing Se in 3 weeks ago. Stana is very pretty and knows (sleeps with) everybody and gets a lot of information and is not really smart enough to know who she should and should not give info too, but she is VERY LUCKY.

Salinas Bell
Female Water Bender
Water Tribe 27
Taylor in Bah Sing Se
She makes Jukes clothes
Last seen one week ago when he picked up his latest order, which was larger that normal and contained some unusual items.

Jesto Kard
Male Non Bender 22
From and living in BAh Sing Se
Jesto Delivers goods from several different shops in central bah sing se to outlying areas for a small fee.
very curious person
last seen 4 months ago when making a large delivery to Juke. Some of the items were very unusual and Jesto noted that.


Alanda Raine
Female 34 Air Bender, grew up in Water Tribe with Sarang
School Teacher, Sarang’s Sister
Kind Gentle and honest
Loves Juke and does not blame him for Sarang’s death.
Last seen two months ago.

Dashen Namu
mMale 40 Juke’s Brother from home Water Tribe, Foggy Swamp tribe
“linguest” with a specialty in braille, he is a tinker type. Highly intelligent. He is loyal to Juke. Raised together.
Last seen three months ago.

Cedar Pintol
Male Earth Bender from Bah Sing Se, gay, flaming queen mid 30’s
King’s Fool and entertainer
Cedar does not like fire benders very much.
Cedar was a very close friend of Sarang’s. Juke met Cedar at a dinner party and the two of them became good friends.


Jesse Flint
Female Firebender mid 40’s from the Fire Nation. Does not want the southern and Northern water tribes united. Has tried to kidnapp and or kill Bjorn and his dogs

Beston vice
16 yo Non Bender from foggy swamp tribe
Son of Chont Vice (assassin Juke killed)
Hater. Not a nice person. Cruel. Very Angry
Wants Juke Dead
Juke has never met Beston

Draven Raine
Sarang’s father late 50’s
Earth Bender, living in Bah Sing Se
Hates Juke. Did not approve of marriage, did not attend wedding
Blames Juke for Sarang’s death.


Jukeum Namu

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